Travel Plan

The travel plan starts comfortably at Amsterdam Central Station. On June 14th Marijn and Martine will take a night train to Warsaw. If all goes well, they will continue their trip to the south of Poland and start cycling from there.

Going East

From Poland they will travel overland through Ukraine and Moldavia to Ukraine again. On July 2nd a boat will take them from Odessa Ukraine to Batumi, Georgia. From there they will cycle for three weeks through Georgia, to Armenia and end up in Tabriz, Iran.

Depending on the weather conditions in Iran they will wrap up their bicycles for a bit and use public or private transport to discover this beautiful country.

The Stans and the Pamir

Beginning of August they will cross the border with Turkmenistan and continue onwards by bicycle to Uzbekistan, to end up in Tajikistan. Hopefully, they’ll feel like real cycling pros by then for they are planning to cycle up the beautiful but challenging Pamir Mountains.

After Tajikistan, they will visit Kyrgyzstan and cross into Kazakhstan. From there, they’ll head back via Russia and Belarus by train.

Why these countries?

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