Free like a (Russian) dolphin

The black sea is so flat we do not even notice we leave Ilichevisk – the harbour close to Odessa – early morning of July 3rd. This is not always the fact on the Black Sea. On board, we hear stories of people waiting five days in heavy sea before the captain had the guts […]

Bottom blues?

Odessa, July 2, 2014 How are we coping physically? How is cycling going? Did we train enough on the ironed flat lands at home? The quality of the roads we touched varies from dirt roads to pristine tarmac. And everything in between. The traffic varies from none to soot-spewing four-or more-wheelers. The better the road, the […]

So here I was beaten up last week…

Chisinau, June 25, 2014 Wandering through Chisinau with Oleg Brega is interesting, to say the least. ‘So here I was beaten up last week, which is why even more people know me now’. We continue to a friend of Oleg. A friend that lives in a tiny house on the street in front of some government […]

Not the kind of guy to wait around

Lviv, June 18, 2014 “Hey, we are waiting for you!” Marijn peddles on for he thinks it’s a joke. But it’s not. Our ‘Warm Showers’* host Vyacheslav Dyak, or Slavik, is sitting on a bench with a friend, waiting for us to pass by near his house in Lviv, Ukraine. This is not usual for […]

Wishing for a different prime minister

Warsaw, June 16 2014 L’enfant terrible of the European climate debate. That’s what Poland is often called. As we ask Urszula Stafanowicz what she’d wish for if she’d possess the lamp of Aladdin, she’s quick in her reaction: oh, how she’d love for a prime minister that doesn’t celebrate his anti-renewable energy stance in the […]

“J’ai chaud” in Rzeszów

Rzeszow, June 16, 2014 Florian Gouny is our second host of the trip and the one that has ‘the honor’ to wave us goodbye when we hit the road by bicycle! The city in Southeast Poland where we start cycling is called Rzeszów. This has been a tongue twister while preparing our trip. Now we […]

Polish small farmers make Sonia smile

Warsaw, June 15, 2014 The bigger energy challenge the world is facing is also about personal energy. When Sonia Priwieziencew hears that we agree, she smiles. Her personal challenge for the next few years is to find some new energy to keep going. Keep doing what she thinks she can do to show farmers that […]

On our way!

It’s official: we have left! With a little bit of Dutch internet we can write this message in the train. Departure was quite the experience. Nice to start breaking stereotypes from the very first moment. Instead of an orderly, efficient process, run by calm train managers who communicate well; complete chaos. But our support troops got […]

Ukraine – Energy Profile

Energy equals headaches in Ukraine, except for a small group of very rich oligarchs. Or maybe even for them. A few facts about Ukraine and energy stand out: Remarkable facts CHAMPIONS IN WASTING ENERGY: It’s not an honor to be called champions in wasting energy. Fact is that Ukraine is among the world’s most energy intensive economies. The residential housing sector […]