Low energy prices: a cruel trigger for transition?

Turkmenistan isn’t a very pleasant country in terms of freedom of speech, freedom of dress (married women in capital Ashgabat are obliged to wear colorful long dresses and a traditional bandana), the freedom to decide where to eat your sandwich (not in the park in Ashgabat) or the freedom to drive a dirty car (dirty car-owners […]

Uzbekistan – Energy Profile

The most populous country in Central Asia with the youngest population: in 2008 more than 34% of the population was younger than 14 years old. Uzbekistan is the 3rd largest natural gas producer in Eurasia and has the largest armed forces in Central Asia. Its economy is very energy-intensive and heavily concentrated on commodities, among […]

Turkmenistan – Energy Profile

A small, weird and dictatorial country that consists of 80% desert. No less than 50% of its irrigated land is planted with cotton making it the 9th largest cotton exporter worldwide. The country is better known as a ‘gas nation’ and might be one of the strangest countries in the world. All kinds of strange […]

Ancient brick and clay buildings come alive

On our way to desert city Yazd, Iran, the landscape starts changing and nothingness kicks in: an extremely beautiful kind of nothingness in which big rock formations seem at ease, but humans not so much. For the first time in our trip we go by car to cover a long, hot stretch. With curious, yet […]

Iran – Energy Profile

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, endowed with enormous natural resources (natural gas, oil, copper, bauxite, coal, gold and zinc),  Iran is seriously limited in its development due to its isolated position in the world economy. Remarkably enough, it’s scientific progress and technological strengths do not seem to suffer from this isolation. Remarkable […]

Is the energy future of Armenia in the hands of children?

When former television-journalist Hrant Sargsyan comes to speak about the 1992-1994 energy crisis in Armenia, he wants to make sure we understand. Can we imagine what it’s like to survive a brutal cold winter with acute shortages of coal, heating oil, and kerosene? A winter without energy to heat homes and city apartment buildings and […]

Armenia – Energy Profile

Armenia is a mountainous country located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bordered by many: Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, the de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan to the south. Remarkable facts ARMENIANS EVERYWHERE: Armenia has […]

Georgia – Energy Profile

Like Moldavia, Georgia is a wine country – the oldest of Europe some say, with most grape varieties! Also producing citrus, tobacco and tea, wheat, essential oils and many other things. It is a country that has always been of strategic importance to other countries. A large part of its own population however, massively lost interest […]

Video impression stage 1: Amsterdam > Rzeszów > Odessa

On the ferry from Odessa to Batumi, we edited a small movie from the little footage we shot with our compact photo camera. Shotlist The train from Warsaw to Rzeszów (Poland) Cycling in the rain (nearby Kaminets Podylski, Ukraine) Sunday church ceremony (Chortkiv, Ukraine) Dinner, banja and stay over with artists (Chesniki, Ukraine) Looking for […]

Ukraine’s at war and we are at Odessa beach

Odessa, July 2, 2014 The day we read online that Ukraine is at war – a civil war – we leave the country. Waiting in the harbor until embarking for a boat trip to Batumi, Georgia, we look for signs of unrest or fear in people’s eyes. But nothing of the sort: Western minded Odessa […]